Business Planning Specialists

We are Business Planning Specialists.

We provide either a full business planning service in which we do all the work gathering data from you. The rates for this can be as low as R5000 – 12 hrs work and  for example up to R1 million for a R280 milion Bankable Business Plan and Feasibility which we used to list a company in the UK and on the FSE.

We open companies on the Isle of Man which is is tax free and from there we can open in EU Countries.

We have also crafted business Plans and Feasibility studies which are 80% bankable and are accepted for a South African listing on the jSE

In addition we sell Business Planning products through:

Palo Alto

At special prices


Plan Magic,

Whose bespoke business plan are magic indeed.

Business Plan Templates

Hundreds of templates for different plans pre- prepared

Recently we created a number of business plan templates that users can by for R1500. We provide the written examples and example financials in US Dollars that we convert to the currency you need.

You tell us which type of Business Plan you want and we do the initial hard work of setting it up for you to continue.

This is payable through Paypal in US Dollars which can be converted to whatever currency you wish the icon below is for $120.

Click on this and follow the prompts. As soon as we receive payment we send you the data.