Corruption and Corporate Governance
Welcome to Applied Corporate Governance and its report on Corruption and Corporate Governance Corruption might be said to be, like the poor, always with us. The relevance of corruption to corporate governance is clear. A well-governed organisation will not allow corruption either in external transactions or internally. Yet in many companies and indeed regions around the world bad governance and corruption is still endemic. In our quest to improve standards of corporate governance, we review global progress in fighting corruption. A properly governed company with a strong ethical basis will steer clear of corruption, both in its external transactions and in its internal organisation and processes. Still, there are many companies round the world which have some way to go before reaching a high standard of governance and there are many regions and countries in which corruption is endemic. So a brief review of global progress in tackling corruption would seem appropriate in our mission to improve standards of corporate governance. Global overview of corruption A recent survey of corruption was undertaken by Control Risks Group Holdings Limited, a global risk consultancy specialising in political, security and integrity risk. The exercise was titled ‘The Corruption Survey 2015/16’ and questioned 824 companies worldwide about (more…)