Growth Predictor Index™ Interactive Seminar

Growth Predictor Index™ Interactive Seminar An Invitation to a completely Free Seminar. Unlocking the DNA of Growth Capability.                   How confident are you in your company’s collective growth capability?                       What is the collective prevailing mindset within your company?                       Growth Predictor Index™ Interactive Seminar The Game Changer. The strength of 5 interconnected factors, in combination, and applied collectively throughout a business, forms the DNA of a company’s growth capability, which drives its commercial success. Model 1: The 5 Factors.                       Model 2: The result of their combined interconnectedness                       Part 2: Questionnaire. Seminar Work. Part 3: Group Discussion. The objective of this part is to engage with your peer group of business leaders, to explore how applying an entrepreneurial culture to your business plans will accelerate growth. By reviewing your company’s current growth capability, through the lens of the 5 growth factors on page 3, and the insights gained from your

Four Dangerous Traps Online Marketers Must Avoid

by Mateusz Sobieraj  |  With Compliments of Marketing Profs and excellent source of professional Marketing Content. Join them today. – NO I am not an affiliate but a very happy 14 year user of their products as a Premium and Free Member. The abundance of new technologies and powerful opportunities in marketing can get overwhelming for a marketer. How in the world could you not feel lost in the jungle of solutions at your disposal? And if you use an agency, how can you know that it’s truly benefiting your company? Having conducted or supervised more than 900 digital campaigns, I’ve come across several dangerous traps that are initially hard to spot. This article will point out the four most common. 1. Don’t let the CTR deceive you  One of the most frequently used indicators of the effectiveness of online advertising is the clickthrough rate (CTR), the ratio of the number of clicks on an ad to the number of views. Imagine attractive advertising formats, beautiful graphics, and strong CTAs encouraging taking action. A customer clicks on the ad and lands on a website. But there’s a problem: The page is not consistent with the creative’s visual design, or the user is