The Xtreme Business Program How it Works and Pricing

The Xtreme Business Program How it Works and Pricing.



How The Xtreme Business Program Converts Your Problems And Challenges Into Opportunities And Bottom Line Profits

“It’s Our Business To Grow Your Business”

This means that most of the fees earned by our consultants are generated out of the improvements made in your business, most notably the extra profits and turnover created by implementing these ideas. This is consulting with a difference because it’s a Joint Venture arrangement between two businesses… Yours and The MJF GROUP!

We add value to your business by:

  • Being a Low-cost alternative to you because you could employ a Business Development Manager/Specialist on a full-time salary which can cost you anything between £45 000 (R810,000) and £120000 (R2,100,000) per year, with no guaranteed returns and yet another employee on your payroll and all the issues that go with that. Other consulting companies could cost between £650 (R11,700) and £1200 (R21,600) per day with no guarantees and no ongoing support.
  • Having an “outsider view” of your business which means bringing new ideas and a fresh outlook.
  • Using The MJF GROUP: Xtreme Business Programs Toolbox of proven, tried and tested ideas that have worked in literally thousands of small, medium and large businesses like yours often doubling or tripling the size and PROFITS of your businesses in 12 to 18 months.
  • Being there to TEST and MEASURE all marketing and business activities to determine what works and what doesn’t. To determine which activities are draining your business of cash flow and providing you with alternate proven strategies to channel your energy into highly rewarding activities especially those that lead to profits and capital
  • Putting systems in place that:
    • Drive hordes of hungry customers to your business and use powerful and irresistible direct marketing strategies to send your sales through the
    • Counter competitor price-cutting without reducing your margins and uncover and profit from the hidden assets to be found within your
    • Simply and effectively increase sales to your current customers by 10%, 35% and even up to 90%, with little or no additional marketing costs and keep customers coming back to buy from you again and
    • Add immediate newfound profits and make your business 100% recession proof
    • “Systemise” the business to ensure maximum possible efficiency and a smooth and cost-effective workflow
    • Improve staff turnover and staff retention rates as well as quick “orientation” and deployment of new staff with minimum disruption to the fulfillment of client orders.
    • And much more…
  • Providing Staff Development and Training so that the skills and expertise stay within the business long after we have moved on. This process stabilizes the business and ensures that everyone is working together for a synergistic result. It also increases the value of the business and makes it easier to sell. New owners don’t want to buy a “job”; they want efficient people and systems to rely on to give them a return on investment.
    • Getting your business onto Autopilot. You may have a business that you are working “IN” at the moment which means you may, in fact, have a “job” and a business that runs you and determines your life for you. Getting your business into Autopilot simply means getting the business to run itself where you are able to work “ON” instead of “IN” the business. Giving you the free time and money to get to the things you really want to do.
    • Also getting you ready for an EXIT strategy; be it selling the business, franchising or floating…
    • Regular progress meetings and reports to ensure that you are on track to reach your goals as well as to introduce new ideas for all the growth stages you will be going through.
    • Many other business-building resources like tapes, CD’s, books, seminars, experienced business contacts within the Quantum/MJF GROUP network, special business reports, the 4 Manuals with workbooks called the Xtreme Business Program.

The Xtreme Business Program How it Works and Pricing.

The Xtreme Business Program Consulting Process is a two-phase process:

Initial Intense Phase (3 months)-: Step 1 and Step 2 as listed in the Step-by-Step consulting process above forms, part of the initial phase and the result will be a comprehensive report back of findings, Initial Action Plan as well a proposed longer-term Implementation Action Plan.

Implementation Phase-: Once the initial phase is complete, we will start the implementation of the Action Plan. This phase may overlap the Initial Phase because certain aspects of the Action Plan may have already been implemented during the first phase as part of the Fast Cash Strategies.

The purpose of this phase is to ensure that systems are developed; tested and implemented and continuously updated to ensure steady long-term growth, business stability, and profits. The ultimate goal is to put the business onto “Autopilot” so that the business runs profitably without the owners having
to be there.

All of the above works in conjunction with the 4 Xtreme Business Program Manuals and Workbooks, which will be worked through over the 12 month period. They act as a step by step instruction guide and help keep the program focussed and on track. The timelines are agreed on after the payments have been sorted out.

The Xtreme Business Program How it Works and Pricing.

Quantum/MJF GROUP Xtreme Business Program Fee Structure

The standard Quantum Fee Structure is  WAS £28 000/R504,00 per year  NOW £9,333/R167,994 to cover expenses divided into various payments over 12 months plus 5% of turnover on increased turnover or 20% of increased gross profit due to value added by Quantum services. This means that fees are mostly generated out of increases brought to your business. These fees often vary according to the type of business.

The MJF GROUP does not charge 5% on turnover but 2.5% and  WAS 10% – now only 5% on increased gross profit.

The fee structure is divided as follows:

Initial Intense Phase (3 months)-: This will follow Step 1 as listed above in the consulting process and the result will be a comprehensive report back of findings, Quick Cash Action Plan as well a proposed Implementation Action Plan. Fees during this period are :

WAS £5000 (R90,000) plus VAT NOW £1667/ R30,000 on the signature, the second payment of:

WAS £4500 (R81,000) NOW £1667/R30,000  plus VAT after 30 days and the third payment of:

WAS £4500 (R81,000) NOW £1500/R27,000 plus VAT on after 60 days of signature. £14,000 (R252,000)

Implementation Phase-:

Once the initial phase is complete, we will start the implementation of the
Action Plan. This phase may overlap the Initial Phase because certain aspects of the Action Plan may have already been implemented during the first phase as part of the Quick Cash Strategies. The purpose of this phase is to ensure that systems are developed; tested and implemented and continuously updated to ensure steady long-term growth and profits. The ultimate goal is to put the business onto “Autopilot” so that the business runs profitably without the owners having to be there.
The monthly expense/retainer will be:

WAS £1556 (R28,008) NOW £519/R9,335   plus VAT per month for the last 9 months:

WAS £14,000 (R252,072) of the first year.

The continuous implementation payment will be:  5%/2.5% of turnover on increased turnover or

WAS 20%/10%  NOW 2.5.% of increased gross profit due to value added by Quantum/MJF GROUP services using a recent financial year as a benchmark.

All information will be kept confidential and not distributed to others and a confidentiality agreement can be signed.

  The Xtreme Business Program How it Works and Pricing.

‘Profit Acceleration and Business Stability’ Consulting Process

Step 1: Confidential Business Analysis

• Face-to-face, telephone, postal mail, or e-mail meetings of customers, suppliers, employees, competitors, and all relevant parties.
• Comprehensive and in-depth analysis of business-related strengths, weaknesses and critical marketing efforts to uncover hidden or untapped sources of business and income.
o Identify or define your ideal target market by psychographics, demographics, accessibility, sophistication, and needs, wants and expectations.
o Comprehensive multi-page Business Analysis Questionnaires.
o Where is your business now?
o What is the ultimate potential of your business?
o Where would you like your business to be?
o What is the quickest, easiest, most effective, and most profitable way to get it there?

• Plus a Complete Comprehensive report back of findings.

Step 2: The Quantum Action Plan

• Identify or create personal and company vision, goals and exit strategy.
• Identify exploitable strengths, weaknesses, and vulnerabilities of your competition.
• Identify or create your Unique Differentiating Factor.
• Develop specific growth strategies for…
o Getting more new leads.
o Improving leads to sales conversion ratio.
o Increasing the average value of each sale.
o Improving and enhancing profit margins.
o Increasing the average number of sales per year per customer.
o Getting customers to refer more qualified leads.
o Converting more referred leads to buying customers.

• Plus: Creating additional marketing and business systems that create immediate, long-lasting and steady streams of income and business stability.
• Develop and install effective systems for ethically exploiting, monitoring and optimizing relationships with….

• Training and staff development of key employees and personnel.

Step 3: The Review Process

• Regular meetings by personal visit, telephone, postal mail, or email to…
o Review strategies and systems.
o Appraise growth and progress.
.. Where are we?
.. Where should we be?
.. What else needs to be done?
.. Make changes / corrections / additions / deletions

Step 4: Ongoing Support

• Strategy and Solutions Consultation.
• Systems Design and Implementation.
• Results Monitoring and Correction.
• Ongoing Consultative Support.
• Subscription to “Business Growth Strategies” Newsletter.

Additional Resources
Books, Manuals, and Programs

• Xtreme Marketing Strategies
• Business Mastery Program
• Outmanoeuvring, Out-Selling And Out Marketing Your Competition

The Xtreme Business Program How it Works and Pricing.

How do we keep track?

“The real secret to success in any business is to have tested and proven systems in place to automatically, predictably and consistently attract new customers and keep existing customers coming back again and again.“

We provide 4 Xtreme Business Strategy Modules as developed by Quantum Business Development.

Each manual has a step by step process that we follow over the 12 months. We work through the manuals with you to ensure that you don’t lose out on any step.

Each manual also comes with a workbook in which we have exercises that mirror the Instruction Manual. These you keep. We provide 1 set of printed manual and 1 set of electronic manuals.

  The Xtreme Business Program How it Works and Pricing.


Well if you think you are not going to increase your sales by up to 179% in a single year!. Yes, 179% in a single year and profits in the same ratio. Obviously, gross profits vary but consider a 40% gross profit with a 100% per annum sales increase. Straight to the bottom line no extras.

If Your turnover is £1,000,000 (R18,000,000)

Growth at 50%

TO IS NOW:  £1,500,000/R27,000,000 GROWTH Plus £500,000/9,000,000

STD Gross profit 40% £ 400,000/7,200,000 Profit NOW £600,000/10,800,000 Growth  £200,000/R 3,600,000

Output  £9,333/R167,994

Simple ROI. WAS 21.4% NOW And that’s for first year. Far better than a bank rate of even 10%

and so on.

You can’t afford not to take up this offer.

Its even better when you think that it will now cost a total of £9333/R167,994.




How do we start?

You send us a contact email to  or, in UK.

Subject Line: Xtreme Business program request to start.

Who is the MJF GROUP?

About us

Contact Us.

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Business Planning Specialists

We are Business Planning Specialists. provide either a full business planning service in which we do all the work gathering data from you. The rates for this can be as low as R1500 – 2 hrs work and for example up to R1 million for a R280 million Bankable Business Plan and Feasibility which we used to list a company in the UK and on the FSE.

We can open companies on the Isle of Man which is tax free and from there we can open in EU Countries.

We have also crafted business Plans and Feasibility studies which are 80% bankable and are accepted for a South African listing on the jSE

In addition, we sell Business Planning products through:

Palo Alto special prices


Plan Magic, bespoke business plan are magic indeed.

Business Plan Templates

Hundreds of templates for different plans pre-prepared

Recently we created a number of business plan templates that users can by for R1000. We provide the written examples and example financials in US Dollars that we convert to the currency you need.

4 Moons Pizzeria,  Acupuncture, Electronic services, Insurance, Consulting, Pet Photograph, Wedding Planner, Events Planner, Ice Cream Manufacturer, Fitness Centre, Golf Course Hotel, Bar, Bed and Breakfast, Magazine Publishing, Media Communication, Personal Service –   adventure travel, auction services, cleaners, cellular providers, theatre, manicure service,  frame gallery, carpet cleaners, beauty salon,      Manufacturing – spas, chemicals, cigars, drapery, woodworking pallets, charcoal, furniture, steel doors, steel windows, wheelbarrows, cabinets, machine tooling and hundreds more in dozens of categories.

Business Planning Specialists

If you think about it we as Business Planning Specialists have written it

Business Planning Specialists.

You tell us which type of Business Plan you want and we do the initial hard work of setting it up for you to continue.

This is payable through Paypal in US Dollars which can be converted to whatever currency you wish the icon below is for $120.

Use the contact form below and we will provide you with a proforma and a PayPal link.

Business Planning Specialists Click on this and follow the prompts. As soon as we receive payment we send you the data.


Contact us]

Irresistible Value Propositions

Without an Irresistible Value Proposition, it’s much harder to sell your products or services in today’s economy, much less even get in the door of big companies.

But what exactly is a value proposition? And how is it different from other commonly used terms? is a Value Proposition?

Without a strong value proposition, it’s much harder to sell your products or services in today’s economy, much less even get in the door of big companies.

But what exactly is a value proposition? And how is it different from other commonly used terms?
A value proposition is often confused with an “elevator speech” or a “unique selling proposition.”

It’s essential to understand the difference between these terms
because their purposes and sales impact are very different. Speech.

An elevator speech is a short, 1-2 sentence statement that defines who you work with (target market) and the general area in which you help them. About 10 seconds long, it’s used primarily at networking events to attract potential clients and stimulate discussion. The following elevator speeches show you how some people describe what they do……………………

● I work with small businesses who are struggling to sell their products or services into large corporate accounts.
● We help technology companies effectively use their customer information to drive repeat sales.
● I help small-to-medium sized manufacturing companies who have difficulties with unpredictable revenue streams.
An elevator speech is the foundation of a value proposition without the specifics that are needed to sell into the corporate market. Unique Selling Proposition

A unique selling proposition (USP) is a statement about what makes you and your company different from other vendors. Its primary value is to create competitive differentiation. A USP is often used in marketing materials or in talking with customers who are ready to buy.
Here are a few good USP examples:
● We specialize in working with financial institutions. (specialty)
● We guarantee service in 4 hours or your money back. (guarantee)
● We use a unique tool called SureFire! to analyze your critical needs. (methodology)……


For more on this subject go to our Irresistible Value Proposition Page


Contact us



16 Plus Golden Rules To Immediately And Massively Grow Your Business

16 Plus Golden Rules To Immediately And Massively Grow Your Business Plus: 120 Brainstorming
Marketing ‘Power Tools’
You Can Use Today.

Powerful strategies to skyrocket your business and multiply your profits and business success.

16 Plus Golden Rules To Immediately And Massively Grow Your Business

Some of these 16 Rules are based on the results of marketing surveys covering over 60,000 advertisements and promotions. In other instances over 105,000 selling words and sentences have been tested on over 18,900,000 customers, to come up with the most effective sales principles. These rules have sold many millions worth of products. And they will sell millions more in the future.
No matter what you are selling, you are selling to people. Your customers all eat, sleep and have problems with their kids, wife or husband. They probably want to work less, look younger and need to lose a bit of weight and exercise more. In other words – they are human beings like you and I. Human nature doesn’t change. That’s why the rules below will apply today as they did 10, 30, or even 80 years ago.

So here it is . . .
Golden Rule:1
It is 5 times easier to sell something
else to your existing customers than
to get a new customer.
The easiest way to sell something else to your existing customers is by using the telephone or by sending them a letter. I’ve been accused of focusing too much on selling by Direct Mail . . . but it is by far the most efficient way for you to get more business. Your past clients are a “hot buyers” list. All you have to do is ask them to buy something else. And it doesn’t have to be your product either. You can offer them someone elses products. Thus, an accountant can offer financial services. A restaurant can send invites to a clothing sale. A car exhaust centre can promote a motor mechanic. A plumber can refer an electrician. And so on.

Golden Rules To Immediately And Massively Grow Your Business.


Golden Rule:
If you have an established business 70%
of your advertising money should be spent
on re-selling to your existing customers.
Why? See Rule No.1. And yet I see most businesses spend thousands in the media trying to get new business – only to forget all about those people after they buy. If you were to send out some thank you letters instead, or call your customers and ask them to buy again, you’d see an almost magic increase to your bottom line. Done correctly, this always works better than chasing new customers. Listen, next time you are going to run a full page ad in the newspapers promoting a sale or whatever, try this: Reproduce the ad and send it to your existing clients. Attach a note saying . . .
“I thought you may want to see this, come in the day before to get your best pick of the bargains. Regards….”
This will work wonders if your sale has a genuine appeal!!


For the rest……. Jon our Xtreme Business Support Club.


Xtreme Business Club

“How to EXPLODE Your Sales and Profits, Get Customers by The Bucketful, And Keep Them Coming Back for More” Business ClubAt last! A Simple Step by Step Sales and Marketing Program. That Anyone Can Apply to Their Business – No Matter What Your Experience. No Matter What Product or Service You Sell, And No Matter How Fierce the Competition Is…

The Xtreme Business Program© is the first program of its kind that acts as your personal mentor. And fast tracks you and your business to reach your goals and aspirations. You, yes you, can do it when you follow this “paint-by-numbers” Program… Business Club Testimonials

Join our lifetime Xtreme Business Club and get Free Business manuals and e-books on how to grow Your business for a once off payment. Once received we register you and we start sending you our input sheets. 

R6000 once off Lifetime Membership. Free Business Diagnostics, Manual, Workbooks, growing Your Business to 179% in a single Year.
Your purchase protected by PayPal.

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7 Step Business Diagnostic for the CEO

Malcolm Baldridge

My Journey to the development of the 7 Step Business Diagnostic for the CEO really started with Malcolm Baldridge. The change of my Business Path.


The 7 Step Business Diagnostic for the CEO/Founder/Owner was developed to help CEO’s identify where there are blockages in the business that are stopping the execution of the Business Strategy growth and profits. It works extremely well and helps to forecast future profits based on answers to the 7 sections. 

It is a proprietary tools developed by Dr Freestone since 2004 and has since then helped hundreds of CEO’s get a complete understanding of their business using the concept of excellence. Excellence in business is paramount to full attainment of the Vision Mission Goals and Objectives. Business ClubThe 7 Step Business Diagnostic for the CEO

If you wish to buy a 7 Step Business Diagnostic for the CEO is on Special Offer at  $30/R358 via PayPal. (Normally $50.00)

Click on the link. Pay through PayPal or Your credit card. The PayPal system will calculate the exchange rate which you will be charged.

7 Step Business Diagnostic for the CEO Business Club Business Club



$30/R367.50. (19/04/2018)


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