IDC Overview

I am a Senior IDC Expert and as such have been asked many times by my Clients to give them an Overview. Well if you look on the IDC’s site: as an interested party it may well seem like a minefield. So let me start. But before we do I must tell you that I am not employed by IDC neither do I profess to be a complete GURU at their needs and do the very best for my Clients. In the past 5 years, I have raised over R300 million for SME’s. IDC Overview It is no use looking for funding at IDC  unless a couple of hard coded rules are followed and these are: Minimum requirements Security; the form and nature of which (more…)

New Business Services

Woman in Charge: Being part of a white collar environment My wife, Gloria – a member of my Close Corporation, and I have decided to rebirth the company and have created a very simple schedule. Our Company has been successfully servicing the Outsourced Community in Gauteng and will now do the same in Kwa Zulu Natal. We will open at  Pennington on the South Coast and will serve businesses from Port Edward right through to Durban and then onto Umhlanga Rocks on the North of Durban to Pietermaritzburg and surrounds on the N3. We are Practising Members of the following Organisations and Professional Bodies. New User RegistrationChoose a Username*First Name*Last Name*Address 1City*State*Zip*Country*Day PhoneEmail**Required field CSSA (FCIS), SAIT (Tax Associate), AQL BUSINESS REVIEW, Get Free review Now. (more…)

Get Free Your-book

Click on the button below to Get Your Free E-Book.  Creating Compelling Customer Value Propositions. Your Free E-Book As soon as You have clicked you need to save the .pdf in a folder of your choice. Get Your Free E-Book I recently read some literature that I downloaded from an email sent to me by Jill Konrath. She specializes in Sales Training. A visit to her site is well worth the time.    She writes “Crazy busy decision makers don’t care about what you’re selling. They only care about what it does for them. That’s why a value proposition is so important today. It’s a clear statement about the tangible business results customers get from using your product, service or solution. Use your value proposition in your phone (more…)