Growth Predictor Index™ Interactive Seminar

Growth Predictor Index™ Interactive Seminar

An Invitation to a completely Free Seminar.

Unlocking the DNA of Growth Capability.










How confident are you in your company’s collective growth capability?












What is the collective prevailing mindset within your company?












Growth Predictor Index™ Interactive Seminar

The Game Changer.

The strength of 5 interconnected factors, in combination, and applied collectively throughout a
business, forms the DNA of a company’s growth capability, which drives its commercial

Model 1: The 5 Factors.












Model 2: The result of their combined interconnectedness












Part 2: Questionnaire.

Seminar Work.

Part 3: Group Discussion.

The objective of this part is to engage with your peer group of business leaders, to explore
how applying an entrepreneurial culture to your business plans will accelerate growth. By
reviewing your company’s current growth capability, through the lens of the 5 growth factors
on page 3, and the insights gained from your group, new insights can be gained.

Joint Founders – UK LISS.

James Raath

Harry Cruickshank

Commercial Impact Index Limited. United Kingdom

South African Partner.


Facilitator in Johannesburg, Steps You Can Use to Find Your NicheDr Michael J Freestone. B.Com. FCIS. MBA. DBA.





We will decide the venue and date depending on the response.

It is planned for last week of  May 2018.

So Contact me if you are interested. Each attendant will be sent a Workshop Book once we have set dates and venue.

Contact Us Now to book a place and when we have 20 attendees we will book venue and finalise dates.

We cannot take more than 20 CEO, CFO Owner, Entrepreneurs, Investors at a time.

Indicate your best date in last week of April and Mid May  as well as best times. It is a 2 hour interactive Seminar.

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