Growth Predictor Index™

Growth Predictor Index™

Growth Capability Measure – UK/SA Research Project

(Free measure and analysis)


UK plc and South African Public and Large Corporation Business are at a crossroads as is every business in every sector. Overcoming the twin challenge of ensuring their company can adapt quickly and decisively to new macro market conditions whilst also outpacing obsolescence to remain competitive, means that business leaders need to be confident of the strength of their company’s internal Growth Capability.


The Growth Capability Gap Predictor Index™

The problem is, that many companies are unaware of the significant gap that often exists between their Assumed Growth Capability (what they think it is) and their Measured Growth Capability (a calculated value). This gap represents the ‘Danger Zone’. On the one hand, it provides a measure of the commercial risk to company’s growth plans. On the other hand, it represents an opportunity to unlock revenue and profit trapped in the company because growth is being inhibited from within.


The Growth Capability Research Project

We’re offering companies the opportunity to measure the gap using an online condensed version of our proven diagnostic service. It will take about 5-8 minutes, and its free. Participants will receive the following insight and feedback:


  1. An overview report sent by email showing any difference between Assumed Capability and Measured Capability, and the calculated Growth Potential of your business that could be unlocked if your company closed the gap.


  1. This is followed by a more comprehensive report, usually within a few days, providing further insight your company’s growth capability potential. This will require some explanation by telephone, provided by one our partners.


  1. A no-obligation invitation to learn more about how to accelerate financial performance by ‘Fast Tracking’ your company’s growth capability using our comprehensive Growth Predictor Index™


  1. Quarterly consolidated sector reports will be produced that will enable participants to compare their growth capability scores to their sector scores.


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Should you have any queries please contact us so you can participate in the Growth Predictor Index.

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