4 Reasons Young People Should Become Entrepreneurs

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4 Reasons Young People Should Become Entrepreneurs

Unemployment got you down? Just graduated with student loans, but can’t find the right job? Well, you’ll be happy to know that there are more new business startups in the United States-South Africa and in the World – than ever before. And, you can create your own job by starting a business, on a budget, doing what you love and what you’re good at — i.e., your passion and expertise.


Here are 4 reasons why you should start your own business as a young entrepreneur:


1) You’re not a good employee and don’t like working for anyone else then read on.

2) It’s easier than ever to become an entrepreneur, and technology has a lot to do with it. You’re a tech-savvy millennial, and Internet and mobile technologies make it easier to connect and identify with people based on shared values and ideals. At the same time, as technology has connected us, people have become very comfortable with online shopping through sites like Amazon, eBay, and PayPal, which have become very popular.

3) You’re thinking about leaving your day job to pursue your passion full-time. As a young, aspiring entrepreneur, focus on how that passion is going to help other people. How is what you love to do useful to others? It’s not just about innovation and disruption, but think about how you can serve people and really bring them value that makes their lives better.

4 Reasons Young People Should Become Entrepreneurs.

4) You know how to use social media marketing to reach lots of people quickly. Go ahead and put your idea out there as quickly as possible. Define your product or service, the customers it’s intended for, a way to process payment, and the price. Then, go viral.

All entrepreneurs wonder if their companies will succeed, but you don’t really know until you try. So, do it while you’re young and have little or nothing to lose.

If you need any further information on getting a standard business plan for R500 as a template contact me.

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Welcome to our daily post today on Branding.



“Ideas are a dime a dozen. People who implement them are priceless.” – Mary Kay Ash


Why Entrepreneurs Need to Create Their Own Brands

Why Entrepreneurs Need to Create Their Own Brands At some point in your career, someone has probably talked to you about how to brand yourself, how personal branding is this incredibly important thing that everyone is doing these days, how, if you’ve built a business and are trying to grow, it’s not something you can ignore. Or is it?

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Personal branding, just like regular branding, is something that’s often completely out of your control. If you’re trying to brand yourself as something you’re not, it’s very difficult, if not impossible.

And, when you’re already running a business and busy with the day-to-day grind, when you’re associated heavily with the business you run, it often can seem like a waste of time to focus on personal branding.

But personal branding isn’t just about getting a logo, a business card, and a fancy email header – it’s about who you are, what you do, how you do it, and the business that you run, and it can be a valuable tool to generate new leads and to close sales.

Jeff Bezos famously said that your brand is “What people say about you when you’re not in the room,” meaning that, for all your intentions, for all the work and effort you put into trying to brand yourself as a particular thing, what ends up mattering most is what people think about you.


And that’s based largely on your actions, what you’ve done with your business, and what you say. There’s not a whole lot you can do to change that. You are who you are, you’re not likely to change any time soon, and you can’t take back or reverse what you’ve said or done in the past.

Ask any politician, and they will happily tell you that, no matter how hard you try, you cannot brand yourself as something different from what you are.

Now, that being said, you certainly can build a personal brand that is true to who you are, and that’s generally what most business owners do. But what many fail to realize is that the personal brand is necessary in the first place – they often think that, because they own a business and have spent a great deal of time and money building it into a brand that they don’t have to worry about branding themselves. And that’s just not the case.

One major reason you need to brand yourself is to help grow your business. If your business is not well known, if it’s not a household name, it doesn’t mean a whole lot to introduce yourself as the CEO of XYZ Corp.

One of the greatest ways to get in front of new clients and introduce them to you and your business is through speaking events and live workshops or presentations, but your 5 years as CEO of XYZ Corp might not be enough to get you in the door.

However, if you position yourself as, say, a talented WordPress developer, designer, and writer who has been in the WordPress world since day one and who has worked in web design and development for 20 years (and who also happens to be the founder and CEO of XYZ Corp), then you might be more likely to secure these gigs.

Having a personal brand matters, too, when large potential clients are researching you, and the way you brand yourself can play a large role in closing a sale.

They don’t care that you’re just the CEO of XYZ Corp, which they may or may not know very well, but they care more that you, personally, know what you’re doing, have experience, and can handle the project for them, whatever it happens to be.


The same is true in the B2C arena. As a business grows and begins to make strategic partnerships, along with larger and larger deals with larger and larger clients, they will naturally look to the CEO and ask “Can this person handle what we’re needing? Who are they? What is their background?”

You need to have an answer to that question. If there’s anything true in life, it’s this – things always change. I’m not in any way implying that your business is going to fail; there are many other reasons that someone would stop running a business.

For instance, you might sell off your business and start consulting. You might turn over your business to a partner, a spouse, a board of directors, or a former employee and start a new business. You might take a much smaller role for a period of time – you never know how it might go down. But, through all of that, the business brand that you’re associated with is going to change, sometimes markedly.

Businesses do fail, but plenty of wildly successful titans of industry have struggled through the failure of a business (or two, or three) only to come out stronger than ever before. While their fortunes and their personal brands were tied to the companies that failed, that was momentary, and they went on to show that they were not their company (and their company was not them).

These reasons and more are why it’s so critical for you, as a business owner, to brand yourself – your business and your employment status may change drastically over time, but you will change a lot less.

Setting aside the business you’ve built and its success or failure, people are interested in your skills, and those skills need to be articulated clearly and effectively to potential business partners, investors, and clients, regardless of your current standing as president or CEO.

To brand yourself effectively, you have to do the same things you would do for a business brand.

  • You need a logo, a color scheme, a website, professional social media profiles – the collateral that outwardly displays a brand.
  • You’ll also need a tagline, some content that describes who you are and what you do. Depending on your business and what you want to do with that in the future, you may need to remove certain pieces of collateral, like the website, or keep content light and supportive of your company and current role, or even just focus exclusively on the design portion of your personal brand and a simple tagline.

If you’re not sure exactly how to position yourself, if it’s hard for you to separate yourself from your business, a brand persona template may be just what you need to get started, to dig into your personality and pull out who you are, what you stand for, and how that translates into the personal brand that you present to the world.

Should you need help in this area contact us.

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My Business Health Check.

My Business Health Check is used to check companies who have dysfunction, conflict and disjointed application of processes in them. It actually works very well. Again, I modified a spreadsheet from one of my IIB Colleagues bringing in the concept of excellence into it and eventually ended up with 200 questions in 7 sections that identified Your and especially Your staffs’ responses. The results are plotted against a perceived Excellently balanced Company. The variances in companies are vast and the graphics point this out starkly. THE TOOL IS EXTREMELY USEFUL!




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Visit our Sister Site Gloria’s Cottage Craft Trading Special Offers Gifts, Watches Jewellry, Electronics


Visit our Sister Site Gloria’s Cottage Craft Trading Special Offers Gifts, Watches Jewellry, Electronics

We encourage you to visit the site as they are offering fantastic discounts on all sorts of products which include:

Gloria’s Cottage Craft Trading is owned by Gloria A Freestone, She began Cottage Craft some 14 years ago. She studied Herbalism for 5 years and was last year awarded a South African Bush Doctors Certificate allowing her to make up her herbal products.

She has decided to widen her scope of trading, outside of just her own manufactured Herbal remedies, to earn extra retirement revenue, unfortunately the RA’s did not perform as planned.

In any event she also makes Home Crafts and is an avid Hobbyist. Her latest Hobby is painting river stones into delightful Ladybugs, Owls and Mushrooms.

She was recently asked to make a “Fairy House” from a Stump which turned out excellently as she has a lot of artistic talent.

Visit our Sister Site Gloria’s Cottage Craft Trading Special Offers Gifts, Watches Jewellry, Electronics


Just a little about Us – Gloria’s Cottage Craft Trading –  and our Herbs

Welcome to Gloria’s Cottage Craft Trading. 

We have been trading since 2010.   I started out very small and obtained my herbs from an Organic Herb Farmer in the Britz, South Africa area.    I originally just made up herb tea packs, but soon realized that my customers were starting to ask for herbal remedies.

The site includes:

Watches, Jewellery, Men and Woman’s Fashion, Gifts, Toys, Mobile phones, Laptops, Tablets and  host of other product

https://www.mjfgroup.biz/isit our Sister Site Gloria's Cottage Craft Trading Special Offers Gifts, Watches Jewellry, Electronics







Visit our Sister Site Gloria’s Cottage Craft Trading Special Offers Gifts, Watches Jewellry, Electronics

I have been helping start-ups for years so decided I would start simply with my wife’s business and go step by step to get this into the Public Domain.

This is being started with no capital but using the skills we have both developed over the years including my getting a Wordpres training from Shawn Fouche and an Advanced Digital Marketing Diploma from Shaw Academy. The diploma is NVQ4 rated and accepted in the Eu as a Degree course.

So whilst I normally work with struggling, already existing businesses medium to large,  I can apply a certain amount of time to pro-bono work with good start-up ideas. So send me a mail with your idea and if this sounds worthwhile – to me. I am the sole judge as I am giving a certain number of hours, Pro-Bono. As a Senior IDC Expert, it is expected of me , in any event.. So lets talk. I do warn you though – Not everyone will be chosen.

Visit our Sister Site Gloria’s Cottage Craft Trading Special Offers Gifts, Watches Jewellry, Electronics

So let me start telling You about IDC. But before we do I must tell you that I am not employed by IDC neither do I profess to be a complete GURU at their needs and do the very best for my Clients. In the past 5 years, I have raised over R800 million for SME’s.

IDC Overview

It is no use looking for funding at IDC  unless a couple of hard coded rules are followed and these are:

Minimum requirements

  1. Security; the form and nature of which will relate to your specific circumstances;
  2. Compliance with international environmental standards;
  3. Shareholders/owners are expected to make some financial contribution:- The contribution of historically disadvantaged people under special circumstances may be lowered, in which case the corporation will be prepared to extend finance in excess of the owner’s contribution.
  4. The project/business must exhibit economic merit in terms of profitability and sustainability;
  5. We do not refinance fixed assets, since our aim is to expand the industrial base; and
  6. We also focus on broad-based and expansionary black economic empowerment and black industrialists.

https://www.mjfgroup.biz/isit our Sister Site Gloria's Cottage Craft Trading Special Offers Gifts, Watches Jewellry, Electronics


Expansions by existing businesses

  • Latest audited and actual financials (signed by the finance director, MD or CEO). VIP!!
  • Your updated business plan focusing on the proposed project/expansion.
  • A detailed description of the nature of expansion, its related costs and revenues.

IDC Overview

A comprehensive business plan.  VIP

Small, medium and start-up businesses

  • A comprehensive business plan. VIP

To go on and detail all the sectors and product types is onerous and for a reader slightly boring so I suggest you have two ways to deal with anything about the above that may interest you.

Expansions by existing businesses

  • Latest audited and actual financials (signed by the finance director, MD or CEO). VIP!!
  • Your updated business plan focusing on the proposed project/expansion.
  • A detailed description of the nature of expansion, its related costs and revenues.

IDC Overview

A comprehensive business plan.  VIP

Small, medium and start-up businesses

  • A comprehensive business plan. VIP

To go on and detail all the sectors and product types is onerous and for a reader slightly boring so I suggest you have two ways to deal with anything about the above that may interest you.

Contact me.

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The story from a highly frustrated UK start up Entrepreneur


The story from a highly frustrated UK start up Entrepreneur has been dictated to me by one person and told to me by others , who have similar stories.

Here is a summary of what I have discovered; May I also suggest you read a well written article by Brad Nosser, below.

Are we doing enough to support small business growth?

I posted an article into my Blog “Interco Development and Training/BASS Business Skills Charity site” called “Are we doing enough to support small business growth? in the UK (My addition)

This a well written and thought out article written by Brad Rosser, Non-Executive Chairman, Xref, who does not believe the UK Government has a well-orchestrated plan for ongoing small business support.

Personal comment.

I support the article but……

I still do not believe the report gets to the Nub of the real issue and that is for small start-ups to find actual funding both Grants and Secured and Government-backed loan funding is a nightmare.

My story that follows is from a story of a fairly astute businessman with his startup experience. I didn’t just accept it I went through his documentation and it was all confirmed.

I can now say in addition to my International experience I also have the UK as well.

The story from a highly frustrated UK start-up Entrepreneur

Having started many small businesses in South Africa and Australia and more recently helped someone on a Pro Bono basis in the UK, I can genuinely say the UK is impossible.

Please understand I agree with Brad. BUT, I believe for every 1 entrepreneur who makes it through a terrible journey, 100’s give up and or run unsustainable business until they fail.

What I have heard from a multitude of sources

Burgeoning Red tape, no real grants for working capital, some yes as long as it complies with local council rules, state funding rules retention, due diligence more paperwork and on and on.

The Journey of someone who experienced a Hull trip to hell and back

Phase 1 EOI

The journey starts by first having to complete an EOI (Expression of Interest) for the uninitiated – so far so good, and same in South Africa and Australia.  However from reading through is submitted document it was apparent thaf right from the start the average Entrepreneur does not have the economics degree and accounting wherewithal to deal with even the EOI successfully. No matter how astute.

I have a little experience in this as I have helped over 500 in 14 years of my Business.

If the applicant gets through the EOI process the approval allows you to Phase 2.

Phase 2.

Phase 2 is a more detailed regurgitation of Phase 1 with more specific outcomes. Unless you have conducted a complete marketing survey, and I assure you Your marketing must be boilerproof or you will be accused of wishful forecasting, you will not be approved. So beware and ensure that you have enough money to get a reasonably strong marketing study to confirm, as far as you can, your outcomes.

Ok, my correspondent was fortunate enough to have some cash, and managed to get funds for a small market research study someone, and had a friend who was an accountant to help him pass Phase two.

And Yet  More Red Tape

Phase Three

Now You get to the fun part if you are an economist with statistical analysis skills.

Phase 3 is called an OBC (Overall Business Case). Mostly regurgitated from Phase 1 and Phase 2,  but specifically, the document expects the entrepreneur to provide economic statistics showing “evidence of impacts on the community, area, target market,”

Not for the faint-hearted and any startup that does not have the money to go and pay at lest 1000 Pounds to get through this will definitely fail.

Phase 4..0

IF Phase 3 is approved, without too many back and forth’s, and the startup entrepreneur hasn’t gone insane he gets to the almost last hurdle. The CBC. (The Complete Business Case), which must comply with the  London Green Book “Appraisal and evaluation in central government.  HM Treasury guidance for public sector bodies on how to appraise proposals before committing funds to a policy, program or project.”

I’ve checked this out and it is the final threshing floor used as a standard to finally unsettle the stoutest of hearts.

Economic statistics,  economic value add, rules and regulations that would now scare off a bank of accountants and only if you have a PhD in Economics, (fortunately one of my Doctorate studies) would you have a chance to get through to the legal contract stage. AND, oh Yes, according to ESIF, ERDF training, if the Grant originates in any form from those two sources the auspicious startup would have to keep all the Project data for auditing between 13 and 20 years.

The story from a highly frustrated UK start up Entrepreneur

Due Diligence at all stages

Due diligence and auditing of all your application takes place from Phase 2 onwards.

Legal Contracts

If you pass this and get a legal contract that the grant has been approved, you still have a last nail in the coffin.


You must not spend any of the money you haven’t got until you reach the stage that you have to buy the items needed and then claim back.  You don’t get the Grant in advance.

This is how the British Government is helping startups and SME’s.

Wow! And we wonder why it is failing.

Grant Funding Experts

What I have found is a host of GRANT Funding “expert“s all charging to do what is supposed to be free business support or so I read all over the place on the Government websites, and claiming t find you the perfect grant source. Well most of the persons spoken to say a rather rude Anglo Axon Expression..

The Government advertises over 650 Grants, at last count on the Grants. Gov.uk site.

Medals provided to all who succeed. And, yes there have been many but NOT ENOUGH.

So helping startups in the UK with real grants for small entrepreneurs is a journey through hell.

Unless you have enough money to do what you want you will get nothing but hoards of people sending you emails and promises of grant funding and loans galore.

Try it and all you get to do is to fill our reams of papers for business plans – my grist – economic and marketing forecasts which funders ultimately dispute unless you have an actual order or a Grant organization has actually given you a grant, which in that case you wouldn’t need the loan, and then to be asked can you provide 100% matching personal funds.

Brick wall after brick wall.

Absolutely pathetic. – to such an extent I am not going to be helping anyone else – Pro-Bono or not. I will unfortunately have to leave them to the thousands of grant consultants out there.

I’m going back to South Africa after visiting my brother who has lived in Hull for 15 year. The experiences of listening to UK business both small and medium have left me with a bitter taste in my mouth for what I perceive to be a government disgrace in a very poor and disjointed and very fragmented approach to helping small business startup.

It’s probably why that whilst I was born in Aylesbury I have really been battling to come “home.”

The story from a highly frustrated UK start-up Entrepreneur

Some Statistics 

  • The number of UK business births continued to increase from 383,000 to 414,000 between 2015 and 2016, a birth rate of 14.6% compared with a rate of 14.3% in 2015.
  • The number of UK business deaths also increased from 283,000 to 328,000 between 2015 and 2016, a death rate of 11.6% compared with a rate of 10.5% in 2015.
  • London was the region with the highest birth rate at 17.5% and the highest death rate at 14%.
  • In broad industry terms, business administration and support services had the highest business birth rate at 23.1% and finance and insurance had the highest death rate at 17%.

Source:  UK office For National Statistic Released December 2017.  

I have been coming back to the UK every year for thirty years to see if the time is ripe to return home.  But finally, now I have seen the decline of a once Great Nation to what it is today. In an ever declining downward curve. Wages for 10 years have hardly moved and yet costs, especially food costs, have grown massively.

Median growth rate of gross nominal weekly earnings in different sectors
UK, 2002 to 2016      
Source: Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings, Office for National Statistics   

I know I do the shopping when I come to the UK. It has become every expensive to visit here and has gotten worse and worse to visit. In addition to our Rand exchange rates that have fluctuated from R20 to £1; Now  at R17.16 to £1, making it cheaper to buy Pounds, you still get far less “bang for Your Pound.

I wouldn’t like to call the UK a smashed economy as it is still supposedly a Financial Powerhouse. BUT, it is seriously flawed still mired in the 2008 world ebacle, whist Communist China has become a veritable Tiger.  As South African’s know, you cannot sustain anything with a 1 to 2% growth rate.


Brexit, I believe, is the and now Trump rattling the trade Tariff chains, is UK’s last death knell, in my, the Labour Government’s and Conservative Rebel’s opinion.

You have lost World War 3.

South Africa has come up with far more attractive schemes which actually do support small startups. I have worked with IDC (Industrial Development Corporation , wholly owned by the Department of Trade and Industry) for years and have been a Senior IDC Support Expert, appointed by the Minister of Trade and Industry for all that time. Applications are online with a standard business plan template and necessary statutory requirements to satisfy FICA.

I have seen and given real support, not just talk. Yes, the money that is granted and loaned also takes about 6 months, but you get it with standardized applications to a single source and a single contact;  it is almost painless. The IDC help you through every step of the way, and when you get your grant or loan, you also get free access to nearly R 500,000/£30,000 of business support. IDC can also arrange to pay directly to the provider of the service needed as long as you get three quotes and the item is in the approved business plan.

I have successfully applied for R800 million in the last few years mentioned.

Loans under R 5 million/£265,000 are dealt with by SEFA (Small Enterprise Funding Agency – a wholly owned IDC subsidiary).  Again a standard application online with statutory requirements, like IDC and a check to ensure you are not a money laundering operation. I have had the good fortune of getting someone a loan in 5 weeks.


Should you wish to contact me regarding the post, please use the form below.

On a more positive note. I will be back in South Africa ready to do business in May 2018.

If you wish to find out what I charge to do the necessary application for an IDC or SEFA Loan including the standard business plan, then use the form, you may be pleasantly surprised

Remember if your application is approved you get free business support after that.

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