Creating a Compelling Customer Focused Value Proposition valueproposition value propositionCreating a Compelling, Customer-Focused Value proposition has a guiding principles: the value proposition should focus on customer needs, not on product or service features.

Does Your Value Proposition Communicate Effectively?

As a business owner, you are passionate about what you do. You love each of your products and services, know them to be much better than those of your competitors, and understandably want to tell as many people as possible about them – how your bread is fresher, how your clothes are more fashionable, how your software has more functions, or how your doohickie has more whatyamacallits!

Creating a Compelling Customer Focused Value Proposition

The problem is that when you use this style of language to talk about your products, the core message you are communicating is centered on your view of your products, which may not reflect your customer’s purchase motivations.
When talking about your products and services in this manner, your message often sounds to customers as “this is what I sell, and I am running through a long list of the reasons why I think you should buy it.”

What your customers want to hear, however, is a clear statement that demonstrates that you understand their situation – that you recognise the problem they wish to solve, or the outcome they wish to achieve – followed by a specific offer or explanation as to how you are going to help them address their situation.
Ideally, the value proposition will not only explain how owning your product or using your service will allow the customer to achieve a desired outcome; it will also explain how it is that your business is uniquely positioned to create that outcome.

In Creating a Compelling Customer Focused Value Proposition, you should ensure that it incorporates the following three components as a minimum:
1. The value proposition should define the business you are in using customer-centric wording; that is, it should describe the type of solution the business provides for its customers.
2. The value proposition must clearly demonstrate that you understand the customer’s objective – why it is they are considering doing business with you in the first place.
3. The value proposition should outline your specific offer and pinpoint exactly how it is that it will meet the customer’s objective.

Creating a Compelling Customer Focused Value Proposition

The Power of a Successful Value Proposition.

A classic example of Creating a Compelling Customer Focussed Value Proposition can be found in the approach that the rental car company, Avis, took when trying to win back market share from Hertz. The Avis story is also a dramatic example of how powerful it can be when you get the value proposition right, and how profitable it can be when you deliver on the promise you make to your customers.
In 1962, when Robert Townsend took over the reins as President of Avis, the company had entered its 13th year in the red, with a market share of just 10-11% of the car rental market. By
1996, Townsend was able to grow Avis’ market share to 35%. How did he achieve this?
Townsend launched a bold, daring advertising campaign that centered on the company’s new strategy of focusing on good old fashioned service. Instead of proclaiming that it had the newest cars, or the cheapest prices (which may have been true), they used the following messaging:
We’re No.2. We try harder!    In this simple, self-deprecating phrase, Avis acknowledged an indisputable fact – that it was a distant 2ND in the car rental market – while also providing an irresistible value proposition: that Avis would work harder to prove they are worthy of your business.
This value proposition recognised that, for many car rental customers, prompt, caring, and friendly service (the ‘benefit’) was far more important than the car (the ‘feature’).


In today’s crowded marketplace, with new competitors emerging from around the globe, and almost saturation marketing of products and services, it is more important than ever to ensure that when you have the attention of a potential customer, you are able to offer a compelling reason for doing business with you.
It is important to be able to communicate why your product or service is cheaper, more economical, more durable, of higher quality, covered by a better warranty,
Has greater market acceptance etc. than any of your competitors. However, it is imperative that you are able to convey how your product or service is uniquely position to provide the customer the precise outcome they are seeking to achieve with your product or service.
By couching your discussion of the desirability of your product or service in language that speaks directly to the customer’s actual needs, rather than focusing on product or service functionality, you will go a long way towards answering the most important question on a customer’s mind: why should I buy from you?

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Seven Tactics to Blow away Your Competitors

Seven Tactics to Blow away Your Competitors

These seven tactics for beating your business competitors will help keep you ahead of the game in business


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8 signs of an Imploding Business.

8 signs of an Imploding Business.

Welcome to our 8 signs of an Imploding Business page signs of an Imploding Business.




Check out these 8 signs of an Imploding Business..

If you’re still uncertain that Your business is in serious trouble, then pay attention to the following 8 signs of an Imploding Business.

1. Low sales.

The first, and most obvious of the 8 signs of an Imploding Business is low sales. This could either be lower than expected projections or a decrease in sales than the previous quarter. Your business can’t succeed without a steady income to pay all of your expenses.

When you notice that there’s a sudden decrease in sales, you need to diagnose the problem. Begin by surveying your employees and customers, conducting a competitive analysis and examining the outside environment, like societal changes or natural disasters. 

This should give you a better understanding of why there’s a decline in sales and if there will be a turnaround. If it doesn’t seem likely the industry or your business can turn things around, then it’s rather clear that your business is in trouble.

2. You can’t remember the last time you spoke to a client.

The second of the 8 signs of an Imploding Business is that Customer service reps aren’t the only ones talking to your customers. Even as a founder and CEO, it’s your responsibility to talk to your potential or existing customers to understand their needs and how to improve your business. It’s a trick that everyone from Sam Walton to Slack’s Stewart Butterfield have relied on.

It’s another troubling sign for your business if you can’t remember the last time that you spoke to a customer. Either you’re not actively engaging them or they just don’t have an interest in your products or services anymore.

3. No one is talking about your business.

The third of the 8 signs of an Imploding Business almost goes hand-in-hand with the previous point. Something is wrong if no one is mentioning you on social media, leaving reviews or getting in touch with customer service reps. It’s either because you’re not interacting with your audience or they simply don’t care about your business.

Make an effort to reach out to your customers by asking them to leave reviews and boosting your engagement on social media. If there’s still silence, then that might not be enough to save your business. I personally blog about whatever it is that is trending, a lot, to attract people to my company. It helps!

8 signs of an Imploding Business.

4. You regularly question your motives.

The 4th of the 8 signs of an Imploding Businessis that we all have moments where we ask questions like “Why am I doing this?” or blurting out statements like “I can’t take this anymore.” That’s normal during the entrepreneurial journey. However, if that mentality is becoming more and more frequent than it’s time to move on from your business.


5. There’s nothing unique about your business.

The 5th sign of the of the 8 signs of an Imploding Business is that your business needs to stand-out from your competitors. Take a moment and jot down all of the characteristics of your business, products and services, then compare it with the others within your industry. If you’re different from your top competitors, then you have a competitive edge you can use to your advantage.

If not, you can be certain that your business won’t stand the test of time. Either find something that makes you unique or, find an industry where you can differentiate yourself.

6. Complacency.

The 6th sign of the of the 8 signs of an Imploding Business is that Blockbuster is the poster child for business failures in recent history. The main reason that the company went kaput was it failed to acknowledge that its customers wanted something different. Instead of driving to their local Blockbuster and paying hefty late fees, people enjoyed having Netflix deliver or stream movies. Reportedly, Netflix executives offered a partnership with Blockbuster around 2000 but were laughed out of the office by Blockbuster execs.

In short, complacency was Blockbuster’s demise.

If you’re sitting there wondering why your business is in danger, ask yourself when was the last time that your business introduced something new into the market?

8 signs of an Imploding Business.

7. Employee turnover and hiring turnovers.

The 7th sign of the of the 8 signs of an Imploding Business is that sometimes your employees realize that there’s a problem before you do. Whether it’s as obvious as not getting paid, or subtler like no longer believing in your business or frustration with management, you need to get to the root cause of high employee turnover.

It costs more money to hire and train new employees than to retain the employees that you currently have. Things can get real tricky when you don’t have the budget to replace those employees. That means that you’re expecting your already frustrated and overworked staff to do more work for you. How much longer do you think they’ll put up with that? It’s a vicious cycle that can ultimately bury your business. 

8. There are serious cash flow struggles.

The final in this article of the 8 signs of an Imploding Business is that cash flow negative. It’s generally accepted that if you want your business to survive it has to have a positive cash flow, which means that you’re bringing in enough money to manage all of your expenses.

If you’re having cash flow problems due to debts, poor bookkeeping, growing too quickly, and not accurately forecasting your future earning and spending, then there’s one of the most obvious warning signs that your company is going under. If not correctly dealt with, don’t expect to keep your business open very much longer.

8 signs of an Imploding Business. signs of an Imploding Business.Don’t let your business sink beneath the waves…..



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Grow Your business up to 179% in a single Year.

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Strategies for beating your business competitors

These seven Strategies for beating your business competitors will help keep you ahead of the game in business

Any business adviser worth their salt will tell you that the key to entrepreneurial success lies in how well you understand your customer.

But perhaps even more critical to this for a business-owner, says Kobus Engelbrecht, Head of Marketing for Sanlam Business Market, is understanding your competitive landscape and how your target market responds to other businesses that provide similar services.

Understanding what your competitors are doing will enable you to position your unique selling proposition to plug gaps in the market.

READ MORE: How to stand out against competitors

Strategies for beating your business competitors


  1. Identify your main competitors: There is no one-fit formula for this; it is a case of knowing your industry and using all possible resources to extract information.



2. Find out everything you can about the competition: Understand each

competitor’s offering, benefits and USPs.

3. Don’t underestimate industry newcomers: You run the risk of being blindsided if you have the mistaken belief that new players can’t and won’t disrupt your business.4.

4. Take every opportunity to network: Networking is as much about identifying your competitors as it is about finding complementary ways to leverage off other people’s strengths and connections.

5. If your competitor is outperforming your business, ask why: If you’re losing customers to the competition, take a deep look at your business strategy from a client’s perspective and ask what barriers are preventing your growth.

6. Make decisions that make sense for your business: While it is all very well to copy the competition, the decisions you make need to benefit your business. For example, a competitor’s pricing model may not work for you.

7. Consider the industry: Your industry plays a part in determining your competitive edge, but there are some general ways to boost all companies’ market visibility, including social media, a user-friendly, modern website and SEO strategy for improved Google rankings.


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