The 7 Step Business Diagnostic for the CEO

The 7 Step Business Diagnostic for the CEO Journey to the development of the 7 Step Business Diagnostic for the CEO began when I left Anglo Platinum  in 2004, after being associated with Anglo-American since 1982. I became involved in a Joint Venture between Suid Afrikaans Ontwikkelings Korporasie (STK) and Anglo Soetvelde Farms in Umkomaas Kwa-Zulu Natal in that year when I ws head hunted from Fluor LTD USA.

It was rather a bitter departure and I was lost for a few months. Out of the blue I was asked to become a Financial Consultant for two firms Broron Technologies in Midrand and Chesterton Industry in Boston. So I decided to become a Management Consultant. The first thing I had to do was in fact learn to be a Business Advisor, instead of an Executive Director, so joined IIB (Institute for Independent Business – a College training professional business advisors). My Journey to the development of the 7 Step Business Diagnostic for the CEO began.

I went to Watford and came back at the end April 2004 with an IIB Executive Associate title behind my name.

Something was missing though, I needed to find a Core philosophy through which I would approach all my assignments and Consultancy work.

I then formally created THE MJF GROUP as a Closed Corporation. In time this grew to a Holding Group with 5 other Close Corporations Incorporated with us.

I joined both of the above-mentioned companies (Broron and Chesterton) as outsourced CFO and also started Consulting for a fledgling (Ex-Eskom) Training company and together we grew the business to the extent that in the second year they could afford to buy a massive building in Killarney, the ex-Standard bank Training Centre,  which the year before I started consulting to them would have been thought impossible. Chesterton went on for 13 years and Broron lasted for 5 years ending as their Financial Director, when it became almost a full time job so resigned from the Directorship.

7 Step Business Diagnostic for the CEO

Whilst I had used my calculus training and had developed a statistical forecasting method for the Training company, which worked beyond expectations, yet I still felt that while I had used my doctorate education to the best I still did not have a driving philosophy.

Malcolm Baldridge

My Journey to the development of the 7 Step Business Diagnostic for the CEO really started with Malcolm Baldridge. The change of my Business Path.

Reading through dozens of strategy books, business methods and writing a Business Process Diploma I still did not feel satisfied with what I had achieved well, to the extent that my colleagues were calling me “Fully Booked Freestone”. I was not driven by an overriding philosophy. then came across the Malcolm Baldridge documentation whilst searching through Project Gutenberg. This led me to the Baldridge method. I was extremely impressed that he had tested his Philosophy on 60,000 companies in the USA to come up with his formulation based on the concept of Excellence. He obviously had a huge team as he was the Secretary of Commerce, so would have access to a mountain of resources.

I downloaded the “free to use” spreadsheet which gave a scoring method used to gauge excellence in a business.

At the time I was writing my doctorate in New York and in my advanced calculus module I had to choose a project to display my philosophical understanding of what calculus could do in a business environment. I could not afford the Baldridge training as well as my Doctorate at New York University, so I simply followed what the Baldridge literature indicated to get a better understanding.

I chose to use the basic Baldridge model and added my own formulas to a new section I had developed, which gave Clients a deeper understanding of the potential they had hidden in their business by not getting the top scores in the seven sections.

I know the Baldridge Society have since modified the original model, but I still decided to use the original concept, and in the extra part I added additional interpretation to a brand new spreadsheet also using their scoring methods, with acknowledgement to Baldridge all the way.    Using the Baldrige concept, I developed a Spreadsheet called “ The 7 Steps Business Diagnostic for the CEO”, and submitted it for my finance paper and obtained a Distinction in Business Finance.

So, My Journey to the development of the 7 Step Business Diagnostic for the CEO was fully underway.

I was convinced that I had found my Philosophical approach, which led to so many concepts such as Lean Manufacturing, Kaizen, Kanban, JIT, 7 Sigma, Bottleneck, Continuous Flow, KPI, OEE, PDCA, Root Cause Analysis and TM, amongst others.   I joined 12 Manage and obtained access to a vast reading Library of Business concepts. All pursuing my growing knowledge of excellence.

My Journey to the development of the 7 Step Business Diagnostic for the CEO moved into new gear with a consolidation of all my learnings.

Performance Improvement Specialist

Adopting the Performance Improvement Specialist title became my summation of my Journey to the development of the the 7 Step Business Diagnostic for the CEO.

I started reading up on becoming a Performance Improvement Specialist as I felt that this was the summation of all that I had learnt. I studied various journals and guides and realised I had most of what it took; And I had a Philosophy; Excellence.

I needed an elevator Speech, A Unique Selling Proposition, and most of all, A Powerful Customer Value Proposition.

Irresistible Customer Value Proposition.

I then met Jill Konrath through the Internet and joined her subscriber list. I can honestly say she must be the best sales person in the World. She has some excellent concepts which I adopted. She helped me tremendously in my Journey to the development of the the 7 Step Business Diagnostic for the CEO, by giving me a Sales presence using her very unique tools.

Elevator Speech.

My elevator speech when asked, became,”I help medium to large manufacturing companies who have difficulties with unpredictable revenue streams.”

My Unique Selling Proposition became, “I use a unique tool called “The 7 Steps Business Diagnostic for the CEO” to analyze your critical needs and grow profitable sales.”

My Customer Value Proposition became ” I can show you How to outsell, out-market and out-profit all Your competitors before they know what hit them and grow Your sales up to 179% in a Single Year!”

The 7 Step Business Diagnostic for the CEO

My Self Written Training Courses all based on Excellence.

During my working career I came across hundreds, if not thousands of training courses. I attended dozens of them and yet after successfully completing them I did not feel satisfied. I had over a hundred certificates and diplomas, In fact so many they didn’t fit on the walls on my study so I packed them in piles.

It was in 2010 that I decided to start writing my own courses threading the seven concepts of excellence wherever I could, throughout. I ended up writing 97.  My brochure can be downloaded here Download our 97 Courses

My Business Health Check.

My Business Health Check is used to check companies who have dysfunction, conflict and disjointed application of processes in them. It actually works very well. Again, I modified a spreadsheet from one of my IIB Colleagues bringing in the concept of excellence into it and eventually ended up with 200 questions in 7 sections that identified Your and especially Your staffs’ responses. The results are plotted against a perceived Excellently balanced Company. The variances in companies are vast and the graphics point this out starkly. THE TOOL IS EXTREMELY USEFUL!



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My Journey to the development of the 7 Step Business Diagnostic for the CEO took on additional resources to supplement the diagnostic and help to flesh out some of the EXPLANATIONS FOUND IN THE 7 steps.

My move to Business Diagnostics as an extra Tool.

I met Gary Smith from AQL Net Sirius Software in Scotland in 2011, and have used his business diagnostics ever since to help my clients get a better understanding of their own/business strategic positioning. The diagnostics help to identify functional area deficiencies in a business requiring attention.

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Business Obsolence and Attrition

Business IS LIKE ANYTHING IN THE UNIVERSE. Basic rules apply and if not adhered to with innovation business will erode and destroy themselves.  See our Article on Growth Prediction Index.

The 7 Step Business Diagnostic for the CEO

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7 Step Business Diagnostic for the CEO



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