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Xtreme Business Program

A Simple Step By Step Sales And Marketing System That Anyone Can Apply To Their Business

You, yes you, can do it when you follow this ‘paint-by-numbers’ Mentoring Program…


Xtreme Business Program Simple Step By Step Sales And Marketing System That Anyone Can Apply To Their Business……

Now for the return on Investment.

What would it be worth to you if you could get a 179% growth in say 3 years?

What if it is 45% in the first year?

For example

If you grew Your profits by ten percent and currently you have 200,000 per annum would this interest you?

No? Well, what if You grew Your profits by 45% and this gives you an extra 76,800 in the first year.

Well, we have had companies achieve 179% in 3 years.

So, if you have a business making 200,000 per year currently and it grows by 179% in three years you could have this scenario

CurrentYear One with growthYear two with growthYear Three with growth
SalesGrowth in 1st year 45%Growth in 2nd Year 37%Growth in 3rd Year  40%
Growth with CPX213 200227,058241817
The Above is a simplistic ExerciseOther Elements such as saving on Direct Costs per the programHowever the result is seen almost immediately the 133 steps are used with the 7 Principles we will teach you
What do we charge75,000
Paid over 3 months25,000 per monthWe mentor you through this for 1 4 hr day per weekAnd in the second week of the next  month we start to analyse and report
ROI Growth/Charge(290,000+398,000+558,000)-(213 ,200+227, 058+241.817) x 100/75000 = 751.90%


Wow! We certainly don’t get this from a Bank Investment, do we?


Should wish to receive the full overview, that gives away a few of our  133 secrets, and gives you full details how the program works and its cost, then use the contact form below.

The full overview has a detailed actual growth of one of our companies grown.

In the message, just give us your Company name, your position and the number of employees you employ and we will send you the full Xtrema Program Letter.

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