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The MJF GROUP provides Business Advisory Services and Support to the CEO, under the banner of MJF Group (Business Support to the CEO).

Who We are.

We are a South African, Australian and UK family owned business advisory (management consulting), leadership development and health information services firm with qualified, experienced and professional consultants in their fields. We partner with clients in demanding and complex sectors to create innovative and enduring solutions through our services.

What we do.

We have a range of programs that support CEO’s to achieve their company Mission.

Our Business Support MJF program offers support to the CEO focuses on key issues affecting all businesses today.

Utilising our proprietary tools can aid in understanding the condition of the business and what can be done to uncover hidden profits.

Our professional consulting services to CEO’s (Chief Executive Officers) in both Corporate Business and Health/Medical Services sectors have been tried and tested over many years with an excellent result for the Client.

Our services are for solving the problems being experienced by our CEO’s across a range of demanding and complex industry sectors by identifying and creating solutions to deal with the issues.

Whether we are working on mapping your new strategy, crafting your funding plan, growing sales by using our 137 Marketing and Sales tactics, or searching for your new executive you can rely on us getting the job done thoroughly.

Our prices are affordable and we approach assignments in a pragmatic stress-free manner.

About Us

Our IDC/DTI Grants division makes application for Grants in the Production Incentive Program (PIP) designed for the Clothing, Textile, Leather and General Goods Sector (CTFL) as well as the Manufacturers Competitiveness Enhancement Program (MCEP) for manufacturers other than thos in the CTFL.

Our Softskills division- Interco Training and Development UK, provides training solution to companies who do not wish to lose their staff for days at a time on external training courses.

The 97 courses that we offer are can either be held at your premises at a time convenient to you and at less than half the price of a conventional workshop course.

We do have our very upmarket premises in HULL, United Kingdom, in which we conduct training courses weekly.

The courses are monitored by an invigilator and score results are given to management at the end of the months training, which gives a subjective evaluation of how the staff member has done.

Our UK Funding division: Interco also has a Joint Venture with Sterling Capital to provide funding to SME’s through our Funding Lines suite of products. http://mjfgroup.fundinglines.co.uk/

Our South African Growth funding division works hand in hand with our Business Support division. It has been our experience that once a workable Business Plan has been completed, it invariably shows that the Client requires funding for the expansion.  Dr Freestone is a Senior IDC Expert.

This division sources Plant and Equipment funding as well as working capital funding to ensure that cash flow is not a limiting factor.

Problems we solve for the Business CEOs include:

  • Falling profitability and uncovering hidden profits.
  • Normalizing uncertain revenue streams.
  • Improving cash flow.
  • Strategy mapping to cope with the changing game.
  • Crafting Business Plans that work.
  • Ensuring Marketing and Sales plans are congruent and that they meet with strategic demands.
  • Getting systems and procedures to be operationally relevant.
  • Managing the business with relevant KPA and KPI’s through a balanced approach.
  • Growing sales through our Extreme Business Program
  • Mechanisms to check and control the organisation. i.e. Balanced Scorecard
  • Track executives progress to planned objectives.
  • Leadership profiling and Executive recruitment using the DISC Tools.

About Us

Professional Services we offer for the Health Services CEOs

  • Conducting quality audits of clinical coding
  • Project management of clinical and administrative information systems implementation
  • General Practice Accreditation Readiness.

Services for Education & Professional Development in the Health Care Sector

  • Professional development and staff training for;
    • Activity Based Funding
    • Clinical Coding readiness
  • Education & Training;
    • People entering or re-entering the Clinical Coding profession.
    • Overseas organisations looking to set up Health Information Management  systems

Legal Entity

The company is incorporated in South Africa as a Close Corporation; In Australia as a (Pty) Ltd; In the UK as a PLC.

Management Expertise.

Management expertise focused on two specialities – strategic positioning to support and grow market share; development and implementation of working plans to meet strategic outcomes:

  • Boutique consulting services provided include;
  •  Providing due diligence services and contract negotiations for the acquisition of  mining, educational, health care manufacturing facilities for major UK, Australia and South African based Industries.
  • Working with Private Equity Investors by analysing where and why financial targets are at risk, providing actionable insights to help mitigate that risk and increase the probability that your growth targets will be achieved.
  • Projects that integrated multiple mining facilities into one plant, ensuring uninterrupted supply to the market, Change management and the negotiation of a purchase of a South African owned Transport business to get mining product from the DRC to South Africa.
  • A project that transitioned a trading entity into a copper cable manufacturing entity with a world-class a new range of copper cable manufacturing plant in South Africa.
  • Engaged in working with a telecommunications provider in Tanzania for 2 years.
  • Engaged by a South African company to craft a business plan which had a complete design and construction to build electrical and telecommunications projects in East Africa.  The scope involved designing and costing the project to connect with the Middle East from Tanzania to South Africa.

About us

Companies in Group

  • Michael J Freestone cc t/a MJF Group.
  • Interco Training and Development Ltd
  • South African Mining and Exploration Company (SAMEC)cc
  • Business and Advisory Soft Skills cc t/a BASS cc.
  • DataproComms (Pty) Ltd Melbourne Australia (Pty) Ltd

Group Expansion

In 2014 the Company, run by Dr Michael J Freestone (CEO) embarked on a significant expansion of its professional services by opening up an Australian Branch which incorporates Executive recruitment and Leadership profiling as well as broadening of its services to include Information Management in the Health sector by amalgamating with DataProComms (Pty) Ltd Australia; This is run by  Dr D Freestone Doctor of Philosophy (Public Health).

This gives us an expansion of our International footprint which now includes Australia and the United Kingdom, run by Mr. R B Freestone.


Dr Michael J Freestone.

Michael has a Bachelor of Commerce from University Kwa Zulu Natal, a MAsters from a joint Wales Cardiff and the Kwa Zulu University of Technology initiative as well as a Doctorate from University of New Your Rochvale campus.

He is a Fellow of Chartered Institute of Secretaries and Administrators,   as well as Fellowship from The Chartered Institute of Business Management.

He is a registered CPA, Associate of the Chartered Accountants Association of South Africa, A SAIBA Member and a South African Revenue Service Tax Practitioner. He is also a Certified Commissioner of Oaths and Affidavits.

Michael is an exceptional Finance Director, Business and General Manager with an impressive track record of delivering outstanding results across complex multinational businesses. Expertise ranges from start-up ventures, advising on potential acquisitions, and disposals. Consistently driven business results through highly effective financial and commercial strategies to support aggressive growth objectives in challenging and highly competitive international markets. Strong leader and project manager having successfully influenced executive stakeholder change coupled with extensive direct team management and development capabilities.

His contact details are: info@mjfgroup.biz and mobile+27 83 4754192 and Skype mfreestone5209.

Mr Raymond Brian Freestone.


Dr Darren Freestone


The adoption of Australia into the MJF Group brings together 85 years of senior executive knowledge and experience of the Freestone family with 38 years joint management consulting experience across three continents.

This amalgamation will enable the group to offer customers with a complete suite of consulting services into key industry and services sectors such as:

  • finance,
  • manufacturing,
  • mining,
  • telecommunications,
  • construction,
  • distribution,
  • health,
  • hospitality

We bring a unique, cross-disciplinary approach to clients’ challenges, ensuring the right balance of ability and real world experience across business strategy, health information management, organisational ability, executive & talent development and performance, digital strategy and ability.

Membership and Affiliations

The MJF GROUP holds Membership with:

  • The Institute of Directors(IOD)
  • Institute for Independent Business(IIB);
  • The South Africa Institute of Tax Practitioners,
  • Commissioner of Oaths
  • SARS Tax Practitioner.
  • Full Member of the HIMAA (Health Information Management Association of Australia). Certified Health Information Manager.

About us

 Company Contact details

South Africa

24 Potgieter Road Glen Austin AH Ext 1.1685. South Africa.

Cell#: +27836943753 Joint Managing Member; Gloria A Freestone.

Email: admin@mjfgroup.biz
Cell# +2783 4754192 Joint Managing Member Dr Michael J Freestone. Email: info@mjfgroup.biz
Webpage: http://www.mjfgroup.biz  
Skype name: mfreestone5209    Dr Michael J Freestone;

The United Kingdom.

Cell# +44 1482363903 Director Mr Brian Freestone

Webpage: http://www.interco.mjfgroup.biz

Australia. Not at this moment.

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