Business Support for the CEO

Business Support for the CEO is essential in today’s rapidly paced World with calls on their time making it more and more difficult to actually get on and manage the business.

As a CEO  you’re expected to have all of the answers.   

Sometimes … you don’t.


Who do you turn to when you need guidance? Who do you turn to when you have questions yourself?

It’s isolating being the leader of a startup; you can’t go to your board, co-founders, employees or even family and guarantee they are giving unbiased answers. You need a safe space to discuss your most pressing business issues and opportunities with true peers – the people who have been there and can actually answer your questions with you.

    De-Risking Future growth

Many CEO Support companies are springing up all over the World to help CEO do their job as it has become common knowledge that the CEO is the loneliest position in the world.

Executives turn to The MJF Group when:

  • They are unsure that their strategic goals are real

  • They are failing to manage the executive team

    • They need validation for changes in strategic goals

    • They can see their cash flow drying up rapidly and need financing

    • They realize their business is growing so fast they have insufficient resources to deal with what is happening and o not know what to do.

    •  They have a difficult Board and are losing their grip on the business.

A CEO Place of Haven.

Group Sessions

We offer Group Sessions where you will meet with peers and experience how others in your peer group are dealing with the same matters you do.