De-risking future growth

We have pleasure in announcing our new Association with Commercial Impact Index and offer our new product called De-Risking Future growth.

We de-risk your future growth by measuring the strength of the powerful, causal relationship between employee mindset and commercial performance. We call this Employee Impact.


Employee Impact describes the positive effect on revenue and profit, and other KPIs, that occurs when your employees adopt an ‘entrepreneurial mindset’ – this unlocks their potential to add extra value to their role and your company

Employee Impact is directly (and inevitably) linked to growth – a rise or fall is mirrored by changes in commercial performance – i.e. they move in the same direction

There’s a time lag – the effect of declining or improving Employee Impact takes time to work through to commercial performance.

Commercial Benefits


Your Index report and feedback focus on what needs critical attention


Highlighting areas for investment and action underpins better ROI


Unlocking the collective ‘entrepreneurial mindset’ increases momentum.

De-risking future growth

Our analysis accurately identifies where, and why, your financial targets are at risk, provides actionable insight to help mitigate that risk and increases the probability that your growth targets will be achieved.

Quantifiable business results from our engagement with the Commercial Impact Index are evident in the resulting 121% increase in sales one of our Clients experienced over a 6 month period.

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