Group Sessions Group Sessions of up to 8 CEO’s at a time meet at a neutral site, randomly chosen each week, to have board-room style discussions.

We choose the CEO from complementary sectors across companies that are non-competitive.  Through recurring and structured discussions, they develop a deep rapport with each other and talk about the more difficult and hard hitting issues chosen each week from a list of those sent in by each CEO, in that Group, every Monday morning.

Through listening to how each other would deal with what they did in a similar situation the CEO learns a variety of ways to grow. We manage the Groups in such a way that CEO’s do not become threatened and feel at ease to participate in the discussion, so that they, the Groups,  become the CEO’s safe-space.

The Weekly discussions are held around a topic chosen randomly from a set of topics obtained from each CEO every Monday morning. This topic is circulated before the meeting confidentially with no names shown. In addition, this gives the facilitator a chance to do the latest research on the topic/s to give theoretical and in some cases real live case study answers that may be requested by the Group. In many cases, we present a researched video.


Our one on one Mentoring service solves the toughest questions that arise not just from  Group Session, but from other issues, the CEO might have that are not covered in the recent Session or that a CEO just wishes to have a more in-depth understanding of what transpired at the session.  These requests are dealt with in random and only at the request of the CEO.

Business Support Program.

For those CEO’s who wish to have more than just the occasional one on one mentoring, in addition to the Group Sessions, we have developed the MJF GROUP Busines Support program. This program is designed to be held on a regular basis, either once per week, or twice per month and depends entirely on the demands from the CEO. They are usually if not always held at the offices of the CEO.

We have used the Busines Support Program to feed the GROUP SESSIONS as this is usually the starting point in each region.

Our Annual CEO Dinner.

An annual dinner is held at a very upmarket venue and it is the chance for all Group Session Members from all regions to meet, network and hear an accomplished member speak about their experiences.

It is the primary social event we host so we encourage all members to attend. It is a very informal affair, and we also encourage Wives/Other halves to attend.

Our Knowledge and Experience

Through our 75 years of combined knowledge and through answers obtained through our extensive network of like companies, we can answer the questions you are wrestling with. Or we can connect you with other, similar companies who have wrestled and dealt with the same matter.

Group Sessions.

Our Pricing.

Group Sessions.

The pricing for Group Sessions is in line with International standards, however, we have taken cognizance of the current economic climate and have reduced the fee by 26%.

The Normal price is $7000/R98,000 per annum. The reduced price is R72,000.

The MJF GROUP Business Support Program.

This program has two prices:

  1. Once per week, 48 weeks per annum until the 192 hours are completed at R1,500 per hour.   R6000 per week or R24,000 per month payable in advance.
  2. Twice per month 24 weeks, until the 192 hours are completed at R1,800 per hour. R14,400 per month payable in advance.

One on One Mentoring.

OurMentoring prices are similarly reduced to take cognizance of the current economic climate.  The normal price for a top level Consultant is around R3,500 per hour.  We charge R1,750 per hour giving you a 50% discount. 

 Our Annual CEO Dinner.

The price for this year has not yet been established as we are waiting for the VENUE.

We have two choices:

  1. Sandton Sun
  2. Rosebank Centre

To follow.

How to Join a group?

Should you wish to join a Group, in Gauteng initially, please send us an enquiry so we can place you in the best possible Group.  Should you be from outside Gauteng let us know from which area so we can let you know when our Group Session will be starting in at area.
Should you be from outside Gauteng let us know from which area so we can let you know when our Group Session will be starting in at area.

Group Session Application Form