Grow Your business up to 179% in a single Year.

For those companies wanting to grow their business up to 179% in a single Year, then this post is for you.


Declining business is a totally demotivating position to be in. htps:// Your business up to 179% in a single Year.

Nothing seems to work, sales are getting worse and worse, customers are leaving you in droves and the worst is Your cashflow is disappearing.

Your staff seem at a loss and they have a dread fear of losing their jobs.



We understand the frustrations you are experiencing as you feel you have tried everything and nothing seems to work.  You might even have sought outside help, gone to a Business Support organisation offered by the UK Government or Local City Council. The same applies to those of you in South Africa.

Business rules in each country are different but the primary business rationale is to sell a product collect the money and grow.

You have  been to training sessions offered by various institutions but it all seems too theoretical.  You feel: “They don’t understand what it means to run a small to medium size business.”

We’ll we do understand. Don’t despair, we have been helping businesses like your since 2004 and have helped literally hundreds of them.

Grow Your business up to 179% in a single Year.

We base our service on the use of our proprietary business evaluation tools and techniques as well as using excellent on-line business diagnostic tools, sophisticated business planning software and provide free strategy software to our clients to keep their business up to date once we have completed our assignment.








AND Yes we do help with funding applications as many businesses are hampered in their growth by a lack of capital for machinery and equipment and of course working capital. Dr Freestone is a Senior IDC Expert and has a fairly strong experience base in these applications.





In the UK he has successfully helped organisation’s apply for Loan Funding from Local City Council Growth Funds and ESIF EU Funding

Many of our clients took us on for three months and stayed since 2009. years of experience helps us get to the nub  of the problems in a very short time.

We charge a small fee, partly retainer based and partly time based. It depends on the small cashflow you have. We understand we cant cripple you at the last legs so we don’t!

If this interest you please send me a contact form asking for an appointment for a confidential discussion – entirely free, with no obligation. Indicate Country and dates.

UK until Mid March and South Africa from 1st May 2018.

Grow Your business up to 179% in a single Year.

Don’t delay contact me now!


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