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Business Leadership SA welcomes Eskom back to the fold

South African power utility Eskom has on Friday, been welcomed back to the … on November 9 and 10 , to garner investor support and trust for the company. … Mohale said that business believes in South Africa’sfuture and wants to …
Asian automotive companies on the hunt for growth in Africa

With the support of the China-Africa Development Fund, the FAW Group has set up an assembly plant in Coega, South Africa, with its first commercial …
Now for something completely different.

At last! A Simple Step By Step Sales And Marketing System That Anyone Can Apply To Their Business – No Matter What Your Experience, No Matter What Product Or Service You Sell, And No Matter How Fierce The Competition Is… The Xtreme Business program.


Finding a home on the Moon

Maybe you’ve always wanted to live on the moon but didn’t think it was possible. Well, think again. Although NASA has placed astronauts on the surface of the moon on six occasions, they didn’t stay there for more than three days because of the dangers .

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“How To EXPLODE Your Sales And Profits, Get Customers By The Bucketful, And Keep Them Coming Back For More” The Xtreme Business Program ™ is the first program of its kind that acts like your personal mentor and fast tracks you and your business to reach your goals and aspirations. You, yes you, can do it when you follow this ‘paint-by-numbers’ Program…

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The 10 Most Valuable Global Brands in 2017 10 Most Valuable Global Brands in 2017

The 10 Most Valuable Global Brands; Click on the graphic to see the full article. 10 Most Valuable Global Brands in 2017

If you require assistance in your branbranding strategiesding efforts please contact Gloria to set up an appointment for the New Year





So what is a Global Brand?In a recent newsletter from Lehigh University

In a recent newsletter from Lehigh University, the question was posed to Professor David Griffith.

So, what is a global brand? Is Coca Cola a global brand, U.S. brand or a local brand? Would a consumer in the U.S. relate to it the same as a consumer in India?

The 10 Most Valuable Global Brands in 2017

“Brands have become increasingly curious and confusing. What we have been discovering is that consumers relate in very different ways to brands. While one consumer may view a brand as being global, another may view that same brand as being local (or domestic).  We’re seeing a great deal of research working to understand how consumers relate to brands. Much of this research has focused on the issue of global vs. local, “glocal” brands and regional brands. “Glocal” brands can be considered a global brand that has worked to localize themselves by creating a strong connection to the local markets that they serve. In essence, they have worked toward the “think global, act local” philosophy.” says Griffith.

If you need a consultant to work with you to develop your brand please contact us.

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About The MJF Group

We have provided a complete company profile on our About the MJF GROUP which, we hope will influence you in your search for Business Services.

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The MJF GROUP provides Business Advisory Services and Support to the CEO, under the banner of MJF Group (Business Support to the CEO).

Our Group solves problems, being experienced by CEO’s, across a range of demanding and complex disciplines and industry sectors,

We bring a unique, cross-disciplinary approach to clients’ challenges, ensuring the right balance of ability and real-world experience, which includes; strategy, marketing, sales, business planning, accounting services and funding applications, health information management, organisational ability, executive talent development and performance and digital strategy.

Who We are.

Group Expansion

South Africa.

A Sole proprietary business was started by Dr M J Freestone in 2004. It included a JV with an accounting service business called Riverstone Accounting Payroll and Statutory Services (RAPSS). By end 2016 RAPSS services were brought under the banner of The MJF Group.


In 2014 the sole proprietor, which was now a Group of companies added to its list of professional services by opening an Australian Branch, which incorporates Executive Recruitment and Leadership profiling,

This broadened our services to include Information Management to the Health sector by amalgamating with DataProComms (Pty) Ltd Australia; run by Dr D Freestone Doctor of Philosophy (Public Health).

United Kingdom

We created a UK Company; Interco Training and Development Limited, run by Mr RB Freestone. This company provides soft skill training for micro to small business in Hull and offers them access to a funding portal run in conjunction with Sterling Capital Limited.

The adoption of Australia and the United Kingdom into the MJF Group brings together 85 years of senior executive knowledge and experience in the Freestone family with 38 years joint management consulting experience across three continents.

Industry Sectors Served

This enables us to offer clients a complete suite of consulting and advisory services into key industry and services sectors such as:

  • finance,
  • manufacturing,
  • engineering
  • textiles specifically under manufacturing
  • mining,
  • telecommunications,
  • construction,
  • distribution,
  • health,
  • hospitality

Companies in Group

  • M J Freestone Business Consulting Services cc trading as MJF GROUP.
  • Interco Training and Development Ltd
  • South African Mining and Exploration Company (SAMEC)cc
  • Business and Advisory Soft Skills cc t/a as BASS cc.
  • DataproComms (Pty) Ltd Melbourne Australia (Pty) Ltd

Legal Entity

 The company is incorporated in South Africa as a Close Corporation; In Australia as a (Pty) Ltd; In the UK as a PLC.

What Methods Do We Use?

Business Support Program

Created as a Business Advisory Service, offering Strategy, Marketing, Sales, Operational, Business Planning and Funding Applications support to the busy CEO leaving him to focus on the key issues affecting their businesses today. We have done this for the past 14 years and have worked with CEO’s to Improve Productivity, increase their Sales, by as much as 179% and bottoms lines by over 50%.

Proprietary Tools

Utilizing our proprietary tools assists in understanding the condition of the business and what needs to be done to uncover hidden profits.

  • AQL Business Diagnostics
  • 7 Step Diagnostic for the CEO.
  • Competitor Analysis.
  • DISC for our registered Clients.
  • Primary Business Health Check
  • Performance Toolkit V2.
  • GE Matrix Chart (Modified)
  • Financial Analysis
  • Sales Forecasting 5 years.

Consulting Services

Our professional consulting services to CEO’s (Chief Executive Officers) in both Corporate Business and Health/Medical Services sectors have been tried and tested

Marketing and Sales Plans

Whether we are working on mapping your new strategy, crafting your funding plan, growing sales by using our 133 Marketing and Sales tactics or searching for your new executive you can rely on us getting the job done thoroughly.

Funding Applications

Our funding division makes application for Grants in the Production Incentive Program (PIP) designed for the Clothing, Textile, Leather and General Goods Sector (CTFL) as well as the Manufacturers Competitiveness Enhancement Program (MCEP) for manufacturers other than those in the CTFL.

We successfully negotiate the various protocols in IDC, SEFA, NEF and DTI to get funds for companies who have a great product, excellent staff, much innovation but no cash.              Dr Freestone is a Senior IDC Expert and sources Plant and Equipment funding as well as working capital funding to ensure that cash flow is not a limiting factor.

The division works hand in hand with Business Support. It has been our experience that unless the client changes his business behaviour there is not enough funding in the world. So once a workable Business Plan has been completed, it will require change management, which is offered by Business Support.

Training Division

Our Softskills division; Interco Training and Development UK, provides training solutions with courses designed to increase business and leadership knowledge.

The 97 practical courses that we offer can be held at the Company premises, making it very convenient and cost-effective.

Our normal courses, held in very upmarket premises in HULL, United Kingdom are conducted weekly, 4 courses per month. They change the following month and depending on popularity may come back sooner than every 2 months.

The courses are monitored by an invigilator and score results are given to management a week after training, which gives the Company, sending the trainee, a subjective evaluation of how they have done.

Interco has a Joint Venture with Sterling Capital to provide funding to SME’s through our Funding Lines suite of products.


Business problems. 

Problems we solve for the Business CEOs include:

  • Falling profitability
  • Ineffective Strategy.
  • Poor inventory controls
  • Old fashioned accounting systems
  • Not using accounting systems correctly
  • Poor marketing or no marketing
  • Poor marketing tactics as no marketing strategy exists
  • Too much marketing causing space and order backs leading to low customer satisfaction
  • Extremely low customer satisfaction score
  • Disappearing sales
  • Productivity in tatters
  • Low On-Time In-full statistics.
  • No staff training
  • High employment changes
  • Over-employment adding to lack of productivity
  • Poor systems and procedures
  • Lack of control in the organisation causing chaos.
  • No Mechanisms to check and control the organisation.
  • No tracking of  executives progress to planned objectives.
  • Poor leadership
  • No Leadership profiling
  • No executive training
  • Poor Executive recruitment using the DISC Tools.
  • Poor management practices

Professional Services we offer the Health Service CEO’s

  • Conducting quality audits of clinical coding
  • Project management of clinical and administrative information systems implementation
  • General Practice Accreditation Readiness.

Services for Education & Professional Development in the Health Care Sector

  • Professional development and staff training for;
    • Activity Based Funding
    • Clinical Coding readiness. ICD10
  • Education & Training;
    • People entering or re-entering the Clinical Coding profession.
    • Overseas organisations looking to set up Health Information Management systems

Management Expertise.

Management expertise focused on two specialities – strategic positioning to support and grow market share; development and implementation of working plans to meet strategic outcomes:

  • Boutique consulting services provided include;
  • Providing due diligence services and contract negotiations for the acquisition of:
    • mines
    • educational institutes
    • healthcare manufacturing facilities for major UK and South African based Industries.
  • Project to integrate multiple mining facilities into one plant, ensuring uninterrupted supply to the market.
    • Change management and the negotiation of a purchase of a South African owned Transport business to get mining product from the DRC to South Africa.
  • Project to transition a trading entity into a copper cable manufacturing entity with a world-class a new range of copper cable manufacturing plant in South Africa.
  • Engaged in working with a telecommunications provider in Tanzania for 2 years.
  • Engaged by a South African company to craft a business plan which had a complete design and construction to build electrical and telecommunications projects in East Africa.  The scope involved designing and costing the project to connect with the Middle East from Tanzania to South Africa.
  • Taking a low-cost mass distributor textile provider to becoming a multi-faceted high cost “Made to Order” Clothing and Uniforms Fashion House and provider of Premium Gifts to a Corporate Niche Market.

 Membership and Affiliations

The MJF GROUP holds Membership with:

  • JCCI
  • VCCI
  • The Institute of Directors (IOD)
  • Institute for Independent Business (IIB);
  • The South Africa Institute of Tax Practitioners (SAIT),
  • Commissioner of Oaths
  • SARS Tax Practitioner.
  • Full Member of the HIMAA (Health Information Management Association of Australia). Certified Health Information Manager.

Company Contact details

South Africa

24 Potgieter Road Glen Austin AH Ext 1.1685. South Africa.

Cell#: 27836943753.  Managing Member; Gloria A Freestone.

Cell# 2783 4754192. General Manager. Dr Michael J Freestone.

Webpage: /ABOUTUS 
Skype name: mfreestone5209    Dr Michael J Freestone;


Cell# 44 1482363903 Director Mr Brian Freestone


Australia.  By Introduction only as we maintain a very low profile while we are growing this business.


Should you require any of the services mentioned useth contact form below.

Contact Us.

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The Small Enterprise Finance Agency

I have been asked by many of my Linked in members to give some background on SEFA, The Small Enterprise Finance Agency.

THe easiest thing to do is to make a few reference cuts from SEFA and then give you a full URL to go and have a look for your self.

I have quite a bit of experience in making SEFA application so just remember if you feel that the process is a bit difficult please contact me. Use the contact form below.

Disclaimer: The following is extracted from the SEFA site. I am not employed by SEFA and do not in any way give any such impression.

I am not employed by SEFA and do not in any way give any such impression. I am an Independent Business Advisor. Dr. Michael J Freestone

The Small Enterprise Finance Agency

The Small Enterprise Finance Agency (SOC) Ltd (sefa) was established on 1st April 2012 as a result of the merger of the South African Micro Apex Fund (samaf), Khula Enterprise Finance Ltd and the small business activities of the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC). The agency operates as a development finance institution (DFI) and reports to the Department of Small Business Development (DSBD). In line with its mandate, sefa provides financial products and services to qualifying SMMEs and Co-operatives as defined in the National Small Business Act of 1996 and amended in 2004. This sefa accomplishes through a range of wholesale and direct lending channels.

sefa has a national presence with its Head Office located in Centurion, Gauteng.

sefa Direct Lending Products

These are loans that sefa provides directly to Small and Medium-sized Enterprises as well as Co-operatives operating in all sectors of the economy. The facilities range from a minimum of R50 000 to a maximum of R5 million.

Click here to read more or download the sefa Direct Lending Product Brochure

The Small Enterprise Finance Agency

Application Forms

Bridging Loan

A short-term loan that is provided to an enterp…

Term Loan

A loan with a specific amount, which has a spec…

Amavulandlela Funding Scheme

There is a growing general concern that the maj…

NCR Templates

The Following NCR forms:




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