The Primary Business Health Check.

Welcome to The Primary Business Health Check.

Many Business Owners, CEO’s and General Managers of Companies are stumped by the little knowledge they have of what their employees think about the company and their roles in it.

I hear so many times that the staff just do not understand the business and what roles they have in it. Not too mention what little understanding they have of the functions in other departments leading to the Silo mentality, fragmenting most companies.

The Primary Business Health Check.

This Diagnostic is for those business owners who are committed to:

  • Change,
  • Improving their business
  • Knowing where they need to improve
  • Spending the time to find out where they are and where they want to be in the future.

This does not pertain to you if you have not yet made the above commitments.

It will cost You $  15.39 /R200.00.    if you buy now!

This type of assessment is modeled on GAP Analysis – that is the difference between where you want to be and where you are at the present time.  This analysis does not even address where you should be, just where you think you are and where you really are.

This assessment is about YOU and YOUR business.  This is not a short assessment, it examines all facets your business in a very detailed manner.

The Primary Health Check is now on SPECIAL OFFER. It is highly affordable and extremely useful.

It will cost You $  15.39 /R200.00.    if you buy now!

Take advantage of this “Special Offer” to the first 50 subscribers.

Sign up TODAY and get the 7 Step Business Diagnostic for the CEO at only R200 a saving of 50% off the normal price. In addition get FREE EMAIL COMMUNICATION WITH ME FOR 7-DAYS to ensure you get the BEST OUT OF THE TOOL.  After Than the price will be $30.98/R400.00


“Michael has worked with us since 2010 and he kept his promise in that we doubled our turnover in the first year and have grown substantially beyond his 179% since then. This diagnostic was critical in our growth plans. Shaun Esson MD CR Brand Solutions

“The MJF GROUP has worked with us and many of our Clients for the past ten years. Michael has always met his promises as a very hard-working Consultant.  Michael h as used the Primary Business Health Check and others very successfully. Owen Cloete. Perftech

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